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Trey Burke


  Athena Johnson (Left) & Wei-Lin Chong (Right)

"Foot detoxing at Kin Health Wellness Every time I come here, every session is something different and I feel less stressed, happier, and lighter. His staff is uuhhhhmazing!"


Lilia B.

Where do I begin my experience with Dr. Lee? For years I had been searching for a practitioner like him, and at the time needed most my stars aligned and I was introduced to him. Since my first day of seeing Dr. Lee My life had tremendously changed in ways I had hoped for and more. Scoliosis, shoulder & back pain along with fatigue were my main concerns. Concerns that now have become almost non-existent. You would have to experience it yourself to see exactly how much his sessions help. He's cleaned out deep emotions within me that I've held on since childhood. I never knew just how much these emotions played a roll in my health until they were brought to the surface and cleaned out by Dr. Lee.  He is a miracle worker that every person deserves to have in their lives.  I am forever grateful and optimistic to be under his care.  Don't walk, but Run here! Love you Dr. Lee!!!!!



CSI:Crime Scene Investigation Star, Eric Szmanda

Glee star, Kevin McHale


Celebrity Fitness Trainer and Creator of the Don-A-Matrix Training workout, Don Brooks (www.donamatrix.com)

"I feel AMAZING... more like DON-AMAZING!!!" - DB, Fitness Trainer to the Stars

Knee Pain (Rachel Nagel - UC DAVIS WOMEN'S BASKETBALL)

"As an everyday athlete, I've always experienced knee pain. Physical therapy never seemed to help and I was forced to deal with the pain due to the lack of a better solution. After being referred to Dr. Lee, I've been able to reach my full potential during exercise without having to deal with knee aches. I didn't realize his treatment could have such a big impact on my activities until I caught myself feeling better than ever. Routine visits have helped me become a healthier person and a better athlete."  -Rachel Nagel, UC Davis Women's Basketball

Low Back Pain (Samantha Zavala - UNIVERSITY OF WYOMING SWIM TEAM, South Pasadena High School c/o 2014)

"I came to Kin Health with lower back pain.  I am a swimmer and my back pain held me back from my swimming.  I had gone through physical therapy for 2 years already but still hadn't reached my full recovery.  I still had back pain and discomfort when I swam.  Once I started working with Dr. Lee, I not only was relieved of my back pain but also cleansed my mind and body.  Working with Dr. Lee has really helped me excel as a swimmer and learn how to take care of my body with clean, herbal remedies.  Coming to Kin Health has helped me reach my full potential of swimming on a Division 1 College Team." - Samantha Zavala, University of Wyoming Swim Team, South Pasadena High School C/O 2014)

Low Back Pain

"Dr. Jerry Lee is an amazing chiropractor. When I first met him and he explained the process and philosophy of his practice to me, especially the Neuro-Emotional Technique, I was a bit dubious. I was raised on Western Medicine and have had a pretty good track record with it, so to suggest a link between one's emotional state and physical state was a bit foreign to me. However, I'm generally open to new ideas and this definitely piqued my curiosity.

I couldn't have been happier with the results.

While the good doctor does what you'd expect a chiropractor to do, such as popping bones back into place and realigning one's spine, any emotional releases as a result of this have absolutely been icing on the cake. I feel much better, more at ease wih myself and others around me. I feel more balanced with my surroundings. Frankly, I'm just happier overall and feel great. I can't recommend him or sing enough praises about him. Truly, he has put me on a better path to better health." -  J.W. (12/13/13)

Pinched Nerve (Radiculopathy)/Headaches

"Dear Dr. Lee,

I wanted to congratulate you on following your dream and opening up your own practice.  If your business acumen is anything like your chiropractic and acupuncture care, I'm sure you will be a complete success.

Over a year and a half ago I came to you with a pinched nerve that inhibited movement of my neck and shoulder.  At times the pain was like electricity running through my body.  Most of the time it felt like a 300 pound weight was hanging on my arm and pulling my shoulder out of the socket.

I had visited with seven different Kaiser Permanente specialists over the course of four months.  My life was miserable because I used to play raquetball, volleyball, and exercise at the gym on a regular basis.  The "end of the line" Kaiser specialist said there was nothing more they could do other than inject cortisone into my neck every three months.  Surgery was not recommended since the possibility of doing more damage than good was very high.

A few friends recommended chiropractic care.  Luck and great "Yelp" reviews brought me your way.  I was skeptical at first, but after several visits I gradually gained greater motion in my neck and the pain became less intensive with every visit.  I have now been visiting your office every 2-3 weeks and you have helped me with everything from pulled/sore muscles to eye strain headaches.  I don't truly understand all the methods you use , but I cannot deny the results.

I hope the people of South Pasadena discover what a great chiropractor and acupuncturist they have in the community.  I have recommended you to all of my friends and acquaintances and will continue to do so.  When you are a multi-millionaire, don't forget us little people! =)




"I became a patient of Dr. Jerry Lee in 2008 when I was affected by Vertigo. To my family doctor's concern, I was referred to have a MRI test and a neurologist consultation. All the restults came out normal, but I was unable to walk steadily and my head was constantly spinning. Through a high recommendation, I had Dr. Jerry Lee to help me with a proper treatment in regards to the Vertigo. After a few treatments, my vertigo symptoms were gone! I am very happy and appreciate Dr. Lee as my health care provider."  - S.L. (age 53, LA County Clerk)

Migraines & Marathon Runner

"I have been a patient of Dr. Jerry Lee for the past three plus years. I have been going to him for various treatments such as pain, injury, and even regular checkups.

About a few years ago, I first approcated Dr. Lee about migraines that I was having at least twice a month. When I had these migraines, it was getting to the point where I could not hold a conversation or even drive my car. Dr. Lee had performed some tests and found that my nutrition may have contributed. He specially pointed out the aspartame that are found in diet soda drinks as the possible cause. From his recommendations, I stopped consuming food/drinks with aspartame for roughly a month. Within that time frame, I did not have any migraines. Since then, I have stopped consuming food products with aspartame and I am no longer getting migraines. Dr. Lee's ability to do these tests helped to relieve and eliminate this issue.

This year, I went to Dr. Lee to be treated as I was training for my marathon. My training was rougnly 6 months. Dr. Lee made sure that my joints, muscles, and organs were functioning well during this time. With the regular treatments and adjustments, I was able to get through the rigorous training and do well on my race day.

Dr. Lee is a skilled chiropractor/acupuncturist who continues to refine his knowledge and craft. He has provided a positive impact on my health and active lifestyle." - C.L. (age 32, Insurance agent)

Tension Headaches/Performance Enhancing via Neuro-Emotional Technique (N.E.T)

"Hello my name is J.F. ,

I first started seeing Dr. Jerry Lee about 2 years ago when my fiancé was being treated by him and I talked to him about some of my head and neck problems during a visit and we decided to schedule a comprehensive exam to look into my problems.  During my first visit I was surprised to see the holistic approach that Dr. Lee had taken, I’ve been to other traditional chiropractics before and it’s usually crack, snap and see you tomorrow.  But I felt that Dr. Lee spent time to get in touch with what my body needed, the energies that were lacking and even without directly tell him where and what was hurting he was able to identify things that could help me.  I race cars as a hobby and typically the beginning of the week after a race weekend I would suffer from regular tension headaches.  So with a few treatments and some changes in the safety equipment I use to give my head better support I was able to enjoy the race more knowing that it would not be followed by a few days of headaches the next week.  Another instance where I feel my treatment with Dr. Lee really made a difference is when I was preparing for a National race in 2008.  Prior to treatment I was struggling with my performance and was looking for that last bit that could get me in the top 3 of qualifying before the race.  Through examination and the Neuro-Emotional Technique (N.E.T.) we were able to find a block in emotions that pointed to the relationship that I have with my father that was rooted in my youth that has made me strongly competitive as well as a develop a fear of losing and letting him down.  With a few simple techniques I could do while I was preparing for each race I was able to put my feelings aside and perform at my top level.  I went on that year to finish in the top 10 at Nationals and since then have always finished in the top 5 Locally and Regionally and I owe it all to Dr. Lee.  So, Dr. Lee gets my recommendation to all of my friends letting them know that his treatments are unique and he is open to all different types of approaches to help solve a patient problems.

Thanks Dr. Lee!!!


High Blood Pressure/Hypertension

"I was referred to Kin Health & Wellness to seek treatment for my high blood pressure in an effort to avoid having to take prescription medication.  

I had never heard of most of the treatment techniques used by Dr. Jerry Lee.  He employs chiropractic methods, acupuncture, and neuroemotional technique.  I was extremely skeptical and told him at our first meeting that I didn't think any of it would work.  Fortunately, I was absolutely wrong.  My blood pressure on May 7, 2013 was 148/105. After several sessions with Dr. Lee my blood pressure decreased dramatically.  It is now (July 16, 2013) 123/85.  

I admit that I am a cynic when it comes to holistic healing and natural treatment.  I visited Kin Health and Wellness because it was a last-ditch effort at treatment before polluting my body with chemical filled prescription medications.  The decision to allow Dr. Lee to treat me was the best health care decision I have ever made.
Dr. Lee is an excellent practitioner.  He is patient and calm, and communicates clearly and effectively.  He holds you accountable for being active participant in your physical and emotional health.  He has a tremendous skill for rooting out the underlying cause of your ailment and creating solutions for remedy and ongoing health maintenance.  

I highly recommend a visit to Kin Health and Wellness and specifically Dr. Jerry Lee for your healthcare needs!" - D.A. (Attorney)


"I first met Dr. Jerry Lee when he was working out of "Comfort Chiropractic" in Monterey Park, CA. He was highly recommended to me by one of his colleagues who at the time was treating me for tendinitis in both arms using naturopathic medicine, and suggested I consult with Dr. Jerry to see if chiropractic would be an effective type of supplemental care for my arms. After a few initial chiropractic sessions, I knew Dr. Jerry and I would have a beneficial doctor-patient relationship. Dr. Jerry has an excellent bedside manner, a high level of intelligence & readily understands the health issues I describe to him. His genuinely caring and attentive demeanor makes me feel comfortable trusting him with my healthcare. I have more confidence in him than I do with the general practitioners I have worked with in the past.

My doctor-patient relationship with Dr. Jerry has spanned 3+ years. I have sought his chiropractic services to maintain optimal wellbeing that went beyond the original treatment of my arms. Using his expertise in chiropractic, acupuncture, emotional release techniques and nutrition Dr. Jerry has addressed my health issues related to stress levels, muscle/joint pain, emotional imbalance, digestion, inflammation, nerve pain, depression & anxiety. To date, regardless of the symptom I am experiencing, Dr. Jerry has been able to assist me. In the past 3+ years I have worked with him I have not had a single case of the cold.

Dr. Jerry is a true professional. I have had no problems scheduling appointments (rescheduling when needed), haven’t had any issues understanding my treatment bills or pricing of any product, nor have I left his office confused or unclear about my treatment as Dr. Jerry diligently answers any questions I have, I am very thankful to have met Dr. Jerry. I consistently refer my friends and relatives to his practice, and I look forward to working with him for many future health concerns I may have. As for the tendinitis I was experiencing in my arms – that has also healed with Dr. Jerry’s help!



Cold Laser Treatment (even for canines)


"Dr. Lee treated my dog after she was attacked by two pit bulls. He used lasers and the Vet told me she healed really quickly."

Changes within 5-6 cold laser treatments for cellular/skin repair, inflammation, and swelling.

"My dog is like my daughter and nothing is too much when she needs it, so when she was attacked by two pit bulls (see pictures) I brought her in because someone recommended Dr. Lee and the laser therapy he does to heal injuries. She received a total of 5 treatments, in addition to the holistic vitamins he recommended. Each time I brought her back to the vet he was shocked at how rapidly she was healing and kept asking me what I was doing for her. I told the vet what I was doing and he told me that whatever I'm doing is working and to keep it up.
She was in a lot of pain but during treatments one could visibly see her and her muscles stop shaking and relax every time, even falling asleep! She is as good as new  and I am now also a patient of his having had treatments that reveal a lot of subconscious stress causing issues being pulled to the surface then cleared, like a psychotherapy session only faster ;).  I highly recommend for anyone having pain." - W.S. (Stylist, Beverly Hills)



Patient Testimonial 4/24/17

As a patient of Dr. Lee for knee pain and weight loss it was recommended that I undertake a detox program as a start.  I had never detoxed in my life and I approached the program with trepidation having read that some programs are very aggressive, exceeding the bodies ability to flush the sudden flow of toxins and it's off to the hospital.  Dr. Lee however assured me that this would not be the case with the recommended product.

So I eased into the ten day detox program and was surprised at what a non-event it was.  I was almost disappointed that the effects were not more pronounced.  I was not running off to the bathroom in a panic, if anything my movements became more regular.  I began to feel a sense of well being and was sleeping better.

The kicker however was how it affected my drinking.  I was accustomed to daily nightcaps, usually three or four, gin and tonics, vodka tonics, whisky sours, whatever happened to be loitering on the sideboard.  Once I started the detox I stopped with the drinks.  I went the first ten days without it being a real problem although the first two days were a little antsy when that time of night rolled around and I was besieged with,"...I really should be having a drink about now"  but I didn't have a drink.  I didn't even have it in the house.  And so it went for a week and a half.

When Dr. Lee recommended that I extend my detox for a month I agreed since the gentle flushing of toxins and no alcohol had me feeling better than I had in years.  Before I knew it I was a month without my nightcaps and it was no big deal. 

But now, the test.  I bought more gin, vodka, my favorite mixers and once I finished the detox products it was time for a drink.  I just had to know what this period of abstinence had done to my taste for alcohol.  Lock and load; gin and tonic; squeeze of lime, 1/4 glass gin, ah, little more gin, tonic to top, here we go. 

Ugh.  I couldn't believe it.  My once harmonious highball now jangled harsh and out of tune.  Dr. Lee, what'd you do to me.  It was like my system had been reset and my former taste for alcohol had been flushed away along with the other toxins.  I tried a vodka tonic, same thing, vodka rocks, worse.  Seems like my drinking days are over.  It reminded me of when I gave up sodas so many years ago.  When all of a sudden I tried one, it was no longer palatable.  I could no longer stomach the synthetic slop.  And so it seems, that's what happened to the alcohol.  I'll still have an occasional drink but not like before. It's inconsistent with where I want to go health wise and spiritually.  Can't think of anyone that drank their way to enlightenment.

The lack of alcohol has reduced the swelling in my knee and I've actually lost some weight without really trying, just cutting out the booze.  So I'm on a different path now days where I look forward to better health and spirituality but without the spirits.

Thank You Dr. Lee!

Victor R.